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Name: Hannah
Nickname: Bim

Got my degree in animation/audiovisual design (which includes a bit of graphic design in general as well), now studying to become a math teacher.

Loves: My cat (Knorretje), my pocketwatch, all my other pets, drawing, sleeping, eating, MANGO, gaming, playing the piano and guitar, singing
Hates: Walking in the rain, people with umbrellas, wemo people, people who think they are better than others
First the small update,
I'm doing quite well. Almost half of the summerbreak is over but I've had a quite awesome time so far. My brother, his girlfriend and their daughter (almost 2 years old) stayed in our caravan for the first two weeks of the summerbreak. We have a really large garden with a caravan in it, and since they live quite far away (not a great distance to just drop by for a cup of coffee) they asked if they could stay for a week. After a week they didn't leave but stayed another week cause it was too much fun, well, we laughed a lot, we spent lots of time entertaining our little niece, shared some stories, also stories from the past. He's actually my half brother so we talked a lot about the time when his mom left our dad and when we were born. He went to live with his mom and almost cried when he told us he didn't know it was so much fun friday we'll visite them cause my little niece will turn 2 years old then. She'll get a wooden kitchen so I bought her an adorable wooden sushi set. Tomorrow I'll go buy some new drawing shizzel (hopefully I can lay my hands on a bigger sketchbook with brownish paper harharharrr) and than I'll see what life brings me.

For the people who don't know it yet; I failed the exame I had to redo, did pass the exame I had to take the day after I heard I failed, maybe because I've never made an exame without any stress since I knew I can't continue my study anyway. But anyhowwww I'll have quit my study to become a nurse and will start next year with the study to become a math teacher.
This small update is a bit longer than expected xD

Now the tag part;
Nohhhh Emma1996nl WHYYYYYY

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you.
9. You MUST make a journal entry!

10 facts about me
  • I freakin love my cat he is my best friend
  • I don't like chocolate. Sometimes some nutella on my sandwich but that's all
  • I bite my fingernails
  • I am such a pokemon addict though get quite demotivated when people ask me to trade but only want to trade shiny pokemons since I have bad luck like all the time while my sister who doens't even play it seriously caught a shiny pokemon in every single game she played, not with special breeding or fishing or pokemonradar shit but the real deal, in the grass, at the start of her journey and stuff so STOP RUBBING IT IN QnQ
  • I'm gonna make a painting on my bedroomwall this summerbreak just because why not
  • I am a gigantic coffee addict
  • If I don't have to go anywhere I'll wear my pajamapants all day long
  • I never go out, since alcoholism runs in my mom's and dad's family I don't really drink (sometimes one glass; never get/got drunk in my life, never even got tipsy) and when I see drunk people I get really uncomfortable and angry
  • I love mangos
1. What's your earliest memory?
When I was 1/1,5 years old we went on vacation and we have a little window in the roof of our car and I saw cable car thingies riding the rope in the sky.
2. If you could have chosen your own name, what would you choose? The same name your parents chose, or another (if so which one)? 
I don't know, I've always liked the name Winnie, and officially my first name is Helena (after my grandmother) and I quite like that name too but my parents decided to call my by Hannah, quite content with that name as well.
3. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? (I know, not very fair xD)
Omg why you so evil QnQ Hmmmmm......I think Harry Potter since that's more fresh in my memory and I should totally rewatch LOTR soon QnQ
4. What country would you like to live in?
The country I live in at this very moment. It's nice, quite and peaceful ^^ 
5. What animal do you hate most?
Pffffffffft I guess the centipede, yuch
6. What is your biggest dream?
Writing, illustrating and publishing my very own book for kids (where the book is more illustration than actual text)
7. What is the thing you regretted most in you life?
Starving myself...
8. What is your favorite city?
I don't really like cities and I haven't been to many. I would love to go to London though.
9. What is your favorite band/singer?
Don't have.
10. Favorite sea animal?
Manateeeeeeee :heart:

And the list with human characters; already have some sketches ready harharrrr OuO

This summer I really want to improve my human drawing skills and for that I really need some characters to draw, to make sure my human drawings won't all be the same. Gender doesn't matter, elves, fairies, even fauns and centaurs are allowed, NO furries! I want to practise skin and shizzel so no fur all over the place, I would love to see some different body types and different faces so I can really develope human drawing skills xD 

What do I need to know:
  • Name of the character
  • Age, Gender, Personality, All extra information you think I could use
  • Reference sheet (or at least a drawing that shows your character completely)
  • Clothingstyle (does the person only wear one special set of clothing or can he/she wear other clothes as well?)
  • What's your character's favourite thing(s) to do?
You can enter more than one character, though I can't promise I will draw them all.

List of human characters

N-B-R-artwork Reference Sheet: Bubblegum Boy by N-B-R-artwork - Trainer Adriana - Pokemon Soul Silver by N-B-R-artwork - Reference Sheet: Jade by N-B-R-artwork - Reference Sheet: Panah by N-B-R-artwork - Reference Sheet: Prue by N-B-R-artwork more characters in comment

EverbloomingForest Lola reference sheet by EverbloomingForest - Zezu reference sheet by EverbloomingForest

DamienMuerte  *All Art of DamienEverything about  Damien
Name: Damien Muerte
Osmosis Jones Fancharacter / El muerte Rojo virus ( EMR )
Gender: Male
Age:  8 Years / 27 in humans
Ability:  Fire / ( Using pressure waves instead as Fire usage is dangerous to him)
Reference Sheets  & Icons:
Images of him as Child :
"Normal" Images :
                     D A M I E N by xJen-Jenx finished commission - nothing but a memory by DaMeerkatBunniGrrl  Damien for DamienMuerte by FigureSkatingisLife  Commission: For Damien Muerte by Zaphod64  Art Trade- Damien Muerte by R2ninjaturtle


Kurairo You will take that back by Kurairo info in comment previous journal
Noekert I give up by Noekert info in comment previous journal

Feel free to send in more characters, can't promise I'll draw them all but at least I won't get bored someday ^^
Though since I recieved a message from a person I don't really know, I really don't know if I'll draw your human character if you're not a close friend (or at least someone who I know for a bit longer and has at least commented on my art some day in the past) I hope you'll understand. I won't delete the comments and might draw them if I really feel like it and don't have other things to do.

  • Mood: Content
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Drinking: Mango juice

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