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Name: Hannah
Nickname: Bim

Got my degree in animation/audiovisual design (which includes a bit of graphic design in general as well), now studying to become a math teacher.

Tagged by QingFey

001. Real name:

002. Nicknames:
 Han, Hans, Hansje, Hananas (the typical dutch nicknames), Bim/Bimmie

003. Zodiac sign:

004. Male or female: Female

005. Elementary: I don't really know, what's the question? You want a random fact? Here you go; When I was a little turd, I bite a child because he hit and kicked me all the time. Such wonderful time.

006. Middle school: When I was a slightly bigger turd, I never made my homework, and that never changed. 

007. High school: A black period in my life. Well, not really, but can't say I enjoyed it. 

008. Hair color: Brownish atm

009. Long or short: Middle I guess. It was very very long but I cut it off and donated it to make wigs out of it.

010. Loud or quiet: QUIET

011. Sweats or jeans: "Sweats" sounds gross (I know what it means but can't people come up with a better name?), I prefer pyjama pants.

012. Phone or camera: Camera. I hate making calls.

013. Health freak: Nahh. I'm not healthy anyway. I do eat healthy and I do not prefer greasy food.

014. Drink or smoke: None of the above. 

015. Do you have a crush on someone: Nope

016. Political orientation: I usually vote for the animal party, cause I think animals deserve better lifes.

017. Piercings: 7 in my ear

018. Tattoos: Soooon hopefully

Bullet; Green HAVE YOU EVER (BEEN IN): Bullet; Green 

019. Airplane: Yaas

020. Car accident: Nope

021. Fist fight: 3 years ago, I did not like, but did not hate it.

Bullet; Green FIRSTS:Bullet; Green 

022. Piercing: When I was 5 years old I guess? My first earrings.

023. Best friend: My cat *lays down*, I got one great friend from my graphic design school, made some amazing friends in math school, and the whole Stronk. All Stronkies are my besties :heart:

024. Instrument played: Guitar, a bit the piano, bass guitar, I want to learn how to play on the transverse flute (? is that even the right word?)

025. Award: I won a "You were right" award. Sad story though. 

026. Crush: None

027. Language: Dutch and English. Hopefully next year sign language

028. Big vacation: Nope, but next summer I can answer this question differently :D

Bullet; Green LASTS:Bullet; Green 

029. Person you talked to: My sister who just entered the room

030. Person you texted: The stronk I guess

031. Person you watched: My sister, because she walked in

032. Food you ate: Risotto with fish and lots of veggies

033. Movie you watched: Some weird thriller on rtl7

034. Song you listened to: Some song of Anouk (dutch singer)

035. Thing you bought: A cup of coffee at school

036. Person you hugged: MY CAT, my feline child.

Bullet; Green FAVES:Bullet; Green 

037. Food: My mom's lasagne

038. Drinks: Optimel limoen 

039. Clothing: My blue and white striped big-ass shirt

040. Book: The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

041. Color: A bit greenish-blue

042. Flower: I am frickin allergic

043. Music: Bohemian Rhapsody and all kinds of old music

044. Movies: Disney/pixar shizzel is always good

045. Shoes: My boots and all stars

046. Subjects: Math *lays down*

Bullet; Green IN THE PAST YEAR, I...Bullet; Green 

047. ( ) Kissed in the snow 

048. ( ) Celebrated Halloween 

049. ( ) Had your heart broken 

050. ( ) Went over the minutes on your cell phone 

051. ( ) Someone questioned your sexual orientation 

052. ( ) Came outta the closet 

053. ( ) Gotten pregnant

054. ( ) Had an abortion

055. (X) Done something you've regretted (my life is one big regret) 

056. (X) Broke a promise (I never promise a thing anymore)

057. (X) Kept a secret (I'm good at keeping secrets)

058. (X) Pretended to be happy

059. ( ) Met someone who changed your life

060. ( ) Pretended to be sick

061. ( ) Left the country

062. ( ) Tried something you wouldn't normally like, and liked it 

063. ( ) Cried over the silliest thing 

064. ( ) Ran a mile 

065. (X) Went to the beach 

066. (X) Stayed single (forever single)

Bullet; Green CURRENTLY:Bullet; Green 

067. Eating: Nothing

068. Drinking: Nothing

069. Getting ready to: fail my exames

070. Listening to: the radio

071. Plans for tomorrow: Sleeping 

072. Waiting for: Nothing(?)

Bullet; Green YOUR FUTURE:Bullet; Green 

073. Want kids: Probably yes

074. Want to get married: Idk

075. Careers in mind: Illustrator/animator/math teacher/artist

Bullet; Green WHICH IS BETTER ON A BOY / GIRL:Bullet; Green 

076. Lips or eyes: Eyes

077. Shorter or taller: TALLER

078. Romantic or spontaneous: Idk, both?

079. Nice stomach or nice arms: Idk idk idk

080. Sensitive or loud: Not loud, but sensitive, not too sensitive plz

081. Hookup or relationship: Weird question, if you want to know what I prefer, relationship I guess? Idk

082. Troublemaker or hesitant: (why are these lists always so vague)

Bullet; Green HAVE YOU EVER:Bullet; Green 

083. Lost glasses/contacts: No, don't have them

084. Ran away from home: Yes when I was little, but never went further than the end of the street. Mom always knew where to find this little turd.

085. Held a weapon: Yes, a bow, sword, knives and a gun

086. Killed somebody: Ooooo nooo no no no, only a bug or fly or something, but no people nooo

087. Broken someone's heart: Don't think so?

088. Been arrested:  Nope

Bullet; Green DO YOU BELIEVE IN:Bullet; Green 

090. Yourself: Next question

091. Miracles: Nahh, miracles are a myth

092. Love at first sight:  Don't know, never been there

093. Heaven: Nope

094. Santa Claus: Never believed in santa

096. Magic: Nope

Bullet; Green ANSWER TRUTHFULLY:Bullet; Green 

097. Is there one person you wanna be with, right now: My cat, I'm freezing and that bastard is a little heater

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are, in life: Nope

099. Do you believe in God? Nope

100. Post as 100 truths and tag five people!

Not gonna tag someone

Next up, the OC fact list, cause I was tagged by Kurairo almost a month ago (I still don't know how this dA thing works with these weird notifications)

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